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* Iza Straightshooter *

~ Guns are for Cowards * Swords are for Me ~

IzaliXe Straightheart >--<3-->>
17 January
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" Once upon a time, in an old, old walled city up North, in the year that is believed to be 2 - double-aught - 8, wandered a proud and lonely samuraï. Straight as a chopstick she stood and briskly she walked battered paths, wasting not one second, making not one useless move, swift as the wind was her mind, strong as a river coursed the blood through her veins; a Hattori Hanzo sword invisibly stabbed through her heart, that she could pull out at will to accomplish great deeds of good or of bad. Ink and paper were her only friends, rice, tea and words her only fodder. She lived with her son, a Norwegian Forest cat named Aimé, who would defend her with his life, and likewise."

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User Number: 6982950
Date Created:2005-05-01
Number of Posts: 646

Strengths: Loyal, dreamer, big-thinker, determined, endurant, perseverant, never gives up, doesnt take no for an answer, direct, spontaneous, creative, strong sense of self, autodidact, independent, laughs easily, doesnt hold grudges, very fast runner/walker, always on time
Weaknesses: Lazy, too proud, prone to fast anger, impulsive, brutally honest, lacks in tact or delicacy, cannot accept defeat, might hurt loved ones unwillingly, nakimushi, cant drive, confrontational, NOT DISCREET!
Special Skills: Katana master, martial arts practitioner, perfect spelling in english and french, excellent writer, can get anything she wants with eyes and mind of persuasion, incredible luck, deep empathy, very good at choosing presents, can kick a man's ass any day
Weapons: 73-cm Japanese Katana [sharpened], 6-inch blade slanted ivory-handle flick knife [sharp], 2 pairs of handcuffs with the "security" device cut-off, pen & paper, words, typewriter, voice, 10 nails [sharpened], 2 hands, 2 feet, 32 teeth, one fake gun, anything in sight
Cant live without:: My cat Aimé, love, tea, chocolate, cake, candy, my katana, books, my diary, pen & paper, sushi, sleep, handsome gentlemen, colors, legwarmers

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Oops... I think someone just pissed me off....

I'm a member of Samurai Of Legend as of Oct 27 2008


Iza Straightshooter : Mad as a hatter but still the sanest of us all.

Je ne suis pas la mode, c'est elle qui me suit...

I'm an individualist who likes individuals. Je vois la vie au cas par cas, pas en bloc.
I believe in the DIYW lifestyle. [Do It Your Way]

"One day, I found a big book buried deep into the ground. [NO, IT WAS NOT A *DEATH NOTE*!!!] I opened it, but all the pages were blank. Then to my surprise, it started writing itself..." [-from the opening of Björk's music video, "Bachelorette"]

I'm a writer. I write novels.

I'm an eccentric, marginal, madhatter, visionary, idealist, impulsive, colourful, crazy & sometimes solitary-inclined person. I am a street faerie, a city angel, a drama queen, a hitman, a mafia boss, a millionaire and a tramp all in one package. I follow none lead or law but thus of my intuition & conscience. I make my own rules. Take it or leave it.

I LOVE but I havent got my PO BOX anymore, so if you want to snail-mail, email me to ask for my postal address. I cant just post it here for any maniak to come attack me & my cat while we sleep . . .

Many years ago, I met a Tiger on a rainy Monday night. An Old Tiger.
I Loved this Tiger and he Loved me. But a Tiger, though he loves you, though he only wants to play, will kill you when he claws.
I had to fly away ... ... if only for a while. [He's the Bill to my Beatrix. And NO, Bill does NOT die at the end... you'll see. One day, there's gonna be the Kill Bill 3 and everyone is gonna have to reckon' I was fuckin' right. Love of my Life, we will be together. Soon. Mon Amour Ma Vie.

This is my friend Marcel. He's 73 and my life-long neighbour. Accordion player, he loves eating, hot-dogs, music, the radio, horses, cats, boats, kites, fireworks, summer fairs, ice cream, baloney, talking to people & having fun.

This is my home:
On the South shore ; Lévis :

& on the North shore ; Vieux-Québec centre-ville :

This is my cat ♥ Aimé!! ♥

My little tiger, my pride & joy. Mon trésor ♥

Huge respect & love to my cat ♥ Malenikiy ♥ who passed away in 2004. Je ne t'oublie pas
Je t'aime Bébé ♥

Pretty much all the weird stuff I do or like can be found below in "interests". Otherwise, see my LJ & expect ANYTHING.

I add people whose journal I feel like reading. Dont take it personal if I dont add you back. I have weird tastes. I'm also a savage adder, i.e. I'll add people without saying anything & read a while until I have a relevant comment to say. I like noticing an unknown person has added me & checking out who this is.
I read every post on my list. I comment when I have stuff to say. I can be a long time without posting or commenting sometimes, or post 10 times in a day. I'm like a red rose.... there is the romance, mystery & irresistible attraction.... the petals are creamy soft.... but beware of the thorns!!!

a clean apartment (rare!), a crime well done, absolutism, all sorts of tea, amélie nothomb, anime, audacity and initiative, bakery bread, bar l'ostradamus, beautiful blue skies, being a kickass bartender, big buicks and cadillacs, big tips, black macbooks, brie cheese, bright colors, bringing my cat everywhere, cake, chess backgammon & darts, cinéma québécois mal connu, climbing up fire escapes, coffee with lotsa cream, cowboy bebop, crazy extravagant ballgown skirts, cunard transatlantic ships, dark chocolate with nuts, death note, dice and playing cards, driving arrows through hearts, earning my own money, eccentricity, facebook, fake colourful hair, fanny mallette, feathers in my hair, fits of dizziness, five-sided star-shaped anything, fresh white virgin snow, freshly done laundry, gandalf the grey, genial ideas, girls with swords (rarissimo!), going to movies alone, good health days, grand gestures, handwritten notes, having no age, hennessy cognac, hidet matsumoto, hopeless romanticism with class, hotaru tomoe (sailor saturn), hozomaki sushi, ibm selectric ii typewriters, japanese language, just ripe enough fruit, killing fucking bastards, l lawliet, la traverse de lévis, lady oscar, le café buade, le fleuve st-laurent, les salons d'edgar, living in the city, local genius robert lepage, loyalty, lychee candy, making dreams come true, microbrasserie le corsaire, mme édith piaf, money, monopoly (i'm grand champion), my norwegian-forest cat aimé, my old tiger, my pouilleux chic style, my québec city, my street faerie duties, neck bites, non-drivers, not feeling depressed days, old keys, old-fashioned anything, partners of arms, patisserie cakes and mokas, physical fights, playing no one's game, postal mail, power, powerful painkillers & sleepingpills, proper gentlemen, putting scarves on statues, queens of denmark, reading, real butter, real intelligence, reinventing how-to play violin, rock star status, romance, ronny omgfuckingcute lefebvre, roses, sake chilled or heated, samuel musashi ito, samurai bushido, samurai champloo, setting my own rules, sharpened japanese katana swords, sincere galantry, singapore slings, singing piaf on streetcorners, sleeping, sleeping pills, smoking on the curb, southern comfort & oj, spontaneously befriending beautiful strangers, stolen saturday crossword puzzles, stone buildings, street scribblings, sugizo, swordfighting, sylvie testud, taking walks at night, tanqueray gin, tatsuya fujiwara, the cold in winter, the daily adventure, the honour code, the moon, the québec-lévis ferry, the sensation of smiling., the stars, tiger balm, train travel, true love, tuesday nights, tulle, urban legends about me, very high top hats, veuve clicquot champagne, victorian clothes and manners, violent rainstorms or snowstorms, visual kei, vitamin water, wakame soup, wedding cake icing roses, well-tailored felt coats, winning, worthy ennemies, writing my diary, youtube, zine nights, zippered boots